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Toronto officer convicted of G20-related assault acquitted on 2nd charge

A police officer convicted of one assault related to the violence-marred G20 summit in Toronto four years ago has been acquitted in a second case.

The Crown presented no evidence against Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani, who was charged with using a weapon to assault a blogger at the provincial legislature.

In a pretrial hearing last month, the judge ruled a photograph apparently showing the officer about to strike the victim inadmissible because it could not be authenticated.

The photograph was the key piece of evidence against the officer and the Crown had no case without it.

Andalib-Goortani, one of two officers criminally charged in relation to the G20, was convicted last year in the beating of protester Adam Nobody partly based on videotape evidence.

He is currently appealing his conviction, which resulted in a 45-day jail sentence.