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Amazon joins retailers offering same-day delivery in Toronto

Packages from amazon.ca. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Bayne Stanley

Torontonians who want books, iPads, or baby blankets — and want them now — have a new option.

Amazon has joined a handful of online retailers to offer same-day delivery services in the GTA.

Customers in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton can have Amazon packages delivered by 9 p.m. if they order by noon.

Click here for a list of eligible postal codes.

The service costs $6.99 per order for Amazon Prime members and $11.99 per shipment plus $1.99 per item for non-members.

“We’re constantly working to speed up delivery times and introduce new services that make our customers’ lives easier,” said Alexandre Gagnon, country manager for Amazon.ca.

“With Same-Day Delivery, customers in Toronto and Vancouver can conveniently take care of errands or complete holiday shopping in a day with just a few clicks, receive orders seven days a week and have what they need delivered to their home in a matter of hours.”

Amazon is not the first retailer to offer a quick turnaround for online orders.

Indigo has same-day shipping to GTA cities — including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham and Richmond Hill — through Canada Post.

Orders must be placed by 1 p.m. for delivery by 9 p.m. and costs begin at $14.95.

Best Buy, which also owns Future Shop, also offers same-day delivery within Toronto.

And Walmart is offering free same-day service over the holiday shopping season.

But Adam Hasham, founder of local start-up delivery service Hurrier, says there’s no need to order from big-box warehouses when you live in a big city like Toronto.

Hasham says Hurrier can offer “everything you can get from Amazon, plus perishables.”

“When you’re buying something from Amazon you’re buying something that’s already in the city,” Hasham said.

Hurrier sends couriers out by car and bicycle to pick up those things already in the city, whether it be tacos, beer or a hammer.

For now, the company focuses on delivering take-out from restaurants. Hurrier has partnered with restaurants, such as The Burger’s Priest and Grand Electric, to offer online ordering through its website, but Hasham said it is possible to make custom orders for almost anything.

Hurrier’s ability to deliver depends on whether the product is available in a store, how big it is, and the pick-up and delivery being within the company’s order boundaries — Parkside Drive/Keele Street to the west, Coxwell Avenue to the east, Dupont Street and Danforth Avenue to the north and Lake Ontario to the south.

Hurrier's delivery boundaries. Map courtesy of usehurrier.com
Hurrier’s delivery boundaries. Map courtesy of usehurrier.com

Mobile users, click here to see a map of Hurrier’s delivery boundaries.

Hasham says take-out is just the beginning.

Hurrier has just partnered with Rowe Farms to offer grocery delivery, and in the future Hasham hopes to expand his online ordering system to include categories like electronics and home hardware.