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Toronto woman ecstatic after hit in face by microphone at Maroon 5 show

Stephanie Green was hoping to get up close and personal with her favourite band, but ended up getting all that and more when she was struck by a microphone tossed by the lead singer of Maroon 5 in Toronto on Monday

Adam Levine may have moves like Jagger but he wasn’t as smooth after a brief power outage during the concert at the Air Canada Centre.

“The P.A. system crashed and no one could hear and then all of a sudden he dropped the mic, (and it) flew in my direction,” Green told CityNews exclusively.

Despite the goose egg she is now sporting, Green said she’s just fine after her dream encounter.

“It’s just literally the best day,” Green said. “My dream come true. I never thought in a million years this would happen to me.”

Green and her sister had been waiting months for the concert and even dished out a little extra cash for front row seats. Little did they know what would happen.

“He keeps apologizing,” Green said. “(I said) ‘I love you, I’m happy, I’m OK!'”

“”In my flustered state, I might have thrown my microphone on the ground and then it might have bounced off of the ground, into poor, sweet Stephanie’s face,” Levine said during the concert. “I felt so utterly terribly that I had perhaps wounded this young fan.”

The singer then invited Green to join him on stage.

“I was on stage, back and forth, freaking out,” Green said. “(He) hugged me…grabbed face, held my hands!

After her brush with a little Levine love, Stephanie said she can’t wait for more.

“Once they announce (the next concert), first thing…front row…anything can happen!”

Click here for a fan-shot video of Levine’s apology during the concert.