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Damaged Nova Scotia tall ship towed inshore after difficult rescue at sea

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – A disabled Nova Scotia tall ship that suffered a series of equipment failures off the U.S. East Coast has been towed inshore.

A spokesman with the U.S. Coast Guard says Liana’s Ransom is near Portsmouth, N.H., at a mooring off the neighbouring community of Eliot, Me.

Ross Ruddell says the schooner replica was towed by a private contractor into the mooring at about midnight today under escort by the coast guard.

He didn’t know what shape the ship was in, but said it had been demasted.

The 26-metre, steel-hulled ship ran into trouble when its engine failed and the mainsail became tangled with the mast, prompting the captain to call for help.

All nine people on board leapt from the hobbled ship to a waiting coast guard boat in a rescue that was complicated by rough seas and heavy winds.

Ryan Tilley, the tall ship’s captain, says he was heading to the area to inspect the vessel.