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Four new GO stations to serve SmartTrack

Last Updated Jun 22, 2016 at 7:33 pm EST

A day after announcing two of the new GO Stations coming to the city’s west side will serve the SmartTrack plan, the province announced four new GO Train stations in the city’s east end will also do double duty.

The announcement was made from atop the Unilever site in the Donlands, which is scheduled to be the first stop on the SmartTrack line east of Union Station.

“Today I’m happy to be here with the mayor to announce an additional four new GO stations will be built in Toronto to provide east end residents with new transit options to move around this tremendous city,” Ontario transportation minister Steven Del Duca said.

The other stations are planned for Gerrard and Carlaw, and Finch East and Lawrence East in Scarborough.

The stops will run along the Stouffville and Lakeshore East GO Transit lines.

“These stations are proof of our liberal government’s plan to provide transit relief across the GO network in many communities that have long seen GO service as only an option for commuters outside of the 416,” said Del Duca.

Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth city councillor Paula Fletcher was on hand for the announcement.

“We’re used to a lot of things happening on the west side, and transit is crossing the river to the east side,” she said. “This is great news.”

Fletcher praised the decision to create a GO station on the Unilever site.

“It’s going to be a jobs hub. It will be a growth hub. It will be a transit hub because the relief line will also meet this station. It will be the hub that’s just north of a renewed waterfront. It will be the place that sparks redevelopment all across the east side of Toronto,” she said.

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The rail lines that will serve as both GO Transit lines and SmartTrack lines will run under the title of Regional Express Rail (RER).

“Our Regional Express Rail plan will enable Toronto’s SmartTrack vision and these new GO stations will help up achieve what we all want – effective and efficient transit options that make choosing transit a realistic option.”

The new GO stations are part of the provincial government’s $160-billion investment, over the next 12 years, in public infrastructure.

Tory’s SmartTrack plan is also receiving funding from the federal government. As for how much money the municipal government will be investing and how much it will cost transit users to ride, no information has been release.

The additional GO stations will be brought forward to the Metrolinx board of directors at their meeting on June 28 for approval.

Del Duca said that the city must have a financial plan in place by December before the plans can go forward.

“They are subject to a confirmed and agreed upon financial contribution from the city by the end of the year.”