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Presto to introduce monthly passes this summer

Last Updated Jan 27, 2017 at 8:35 pm EDT

The TTC says big changes are coming to its Presto system in the form of monthly passes and help for express bus users.

TTC spokesperson Heather Brown says it will be part of the next big rollout of the new payment system coming in July.

“We will be introducing products like the monthly pass, like the express sticker, later this summer and throughout the year, we’re just waiting for additional software to be able to put those features on the Presto card,” Brown said.

The software update will include the option for express bus users to pay the full double fare with only one tap.

Currently, to the frustration of many Presto users using the TTC’s express bus service, the program doesn’t allow them to tap twice. Riders must tap once, then pay the second half of the fare with a token, ticket or cash.

“I saw three different riders, the driver stopped them after they paid with Presto and said, ‘You now have to pay cash for the balance,’ and each other them, they are all at different stops said, ‘but I don’t have any cash,’” transit rider Debra said.

Brown says monthly Presto passes will be the same price as the ones currently offered by the TTC.