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Being 'DadStrong' is a 24/7 job in latest SickKids ad

Last Updated Jun 8, 2017 at 4:48 pm EDT

SickKids VS DadStrong. Image credit: YouTube

He gets up before dawn, he works all day and then makes the long drive into the city. His head is down. He says very little. He powers through.

Every day. Every night.

He does it for his child. He is “DadStrong.”

It’s the quiet but emotional powerful latest installment in the SickKids VS campaign.

Watch the ad below or click here to see it on mobile.

Leading up to Father’s Day, the hospital is asking for donations to honour SickKids dads in the form of “Get Better Gifts.”

“Being a SickKids dad is a 24/7 job, especially when that child is in hospital,” the description reads under the video, posted to YouTube. “SickKids dads are there for their kids, every day. And every night.”

In April, SickKids turned the camera away from the hospital bed and on the raw explosion of maternal emotion that is being MomStrong.

The incredibly successful campaign kicked off last October with a commercial called “Anthem.”

The ad shows children in boxing rings, dressed as wrestlers and even with superpowers. It focuses on a simple but powerful message: Sick isn’t weak.

The intention wasn’t just to raise money for the hospital and research, but also to inspire patients.

The next commercial was called “Grace” and was based on a young girl who passed away and her journey with osteosarcoma.