Police remind drivers to clean ice off car roofs

By Dilshad Burman

Following the wild weather weekend we just had in the GTA, police across the region are reminding drivers to remove all the ice from their vehicles before getting back on the roads.

They caution that along with being tough to see out your windows, the melting ice can be dangerous for other motorists as well.

On Monday, Durham police tweeted a photo of a black car at the side of the road with a smashed windshield. They said the female driver was lucky to walk away unscathed after a huge piece of ice from another vehicle crashed into her car.

CityNews viewer Ted Roles had a very similar experience on Sunday while driving in Pickering with his girlfriend in the passenger seat.

In an email, he says a large slab of ice flew off the roof of a snow covered car in front of them and “smashed out the entire windshield on (his) Chevy Yukon” and the truck had to be towed home.

“It covered myself and my passenger (girlfriend Paula ) with shards of glass,” Roles added.

Durham police say incidents like this are an important reminder to clean off snow and ice not just from your windshield, but from the roof, hood and all windows.

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