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Construction season ramps up in Toronto

Last Updated May 29, 2018 at 12:56 pm EST

As the weather warms up, construction in Toronto does as well.

“In Toronto, we really have two seasons: winter and construction,” said city councillor Jaye Robinson, who is also chair of the City’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.

Currently, there are 60 major construction zones across the city, including 181 major road restrictions.

In addition, there are 166 moderate road restrictions and 206 minor road restrictions.

A few of the spots expected to cause major traffic delays include Gerrard Street East and Parliament for TTC track repairs, construction at Eglinton Avenue West between Islington and Jane Street, and Jarvis Street from Dundas Street East to Queen Street East.

All the roadblocks you may run into in the next few months can be found here.

If it seems like road work has increased this year in comparison to last, Robinson says it hasn’t.

“We have the same level of construction for major road repairs and watermain work this year as we did last year, but the kicker is that we haven’t had more complaints about potholes like we did this year. We had a very long, very difficult winter,” Robinson said.

“A lot of freeze and thaws cycles and that creates a perfect culture for potholes. So, as of today, we’ve repaired in 2018 already 166 thousand potholes. So, this year we do anticipate breaking records on the pothole front.”

Robinson says the city has committed $720 million to road and watermain repairs this year alone.