The Big Smoke: Survey says Torontonians smoke 141.7M joints a year

By News Staff

When it comes to marijuana consumption, Toronto has more than earned the nickname The Big Smoke.

According to new data released by Environics Analytics, Torontonians spark up the equivalent of 141.7 million joints a year.

To put that in perspective, Environics Analytics says if you stacked all of those joints (eight-millimetre average thickness) on top of each other, it would be equal to 2,050 CN Towers.

Despite the city’s passion for pot, the analytics company also found that 54 per cent of Torotonians think cannabis will have a negative effect on their home life.

We also pay a bit more than the national average for our weed in Hogtown. The average cost of a gram in Canada is $7.36, while it’s $7.67 in Toronto.

The data also revealed that weed is most popular among young, diverse singles in highrises. That could pose some problems as condo boards scramble to ban weed smoking ahead of October 17, when marijuana will officially become legal across Canada.

All of the data came from Environics Analytics’ CannabisInsights — a database that projects how consumers view and use cannabis at the neighbourhood level.

The survey consisted of 4,880 respondents surveyed in March 2018.

Check out the full infographic below:

Cannabis Infographic Toronto 20180712 (002) by CityNewsToronto on Scribd

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