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Intersection on Queens Quay painted red to guide drivers

The streetcar tracks at the intersection of Queens Quay and Lower Spadina have been painted bright red to better guide drivers. CITYNEWS/Dilshad Burman

The TTC in conjunction with the city and Waterfront Toronto is working towards fixing a much lamented problem along the streetcar tracks on Queens Quay.

After the waterfront revamp was completed in 2015, drivers along Queens Quay have often struggled with the new, narrower street with a single lane each for east and west bound traffic.

Cars often find themselves on the streetcar tracks when navigating the tight left turn from the foot of lower Spadina, turning east onto Queens Quay.

In an effort to better guide traffic, the streetcar tracks at the intersection were painted bright red on Tuesday night.

TTC spokesman Stuart Green tells CityNews the city installed the marking and Waterfront Toronto will monitor its effectiveness.

“For the TTC, this is about keeping the right of way clear for our vehicles,” he says. “Our board directed we work with the City and Waterfront Toronto on additional ways to delineate the right of way and reduce incidents of motorist intrusion.”

Green adds that painting a section of the tracks is one approach to the problem that is being tested and one of many things being done in the area to keep cars off the tracks.

Further east down Queens Quay, the repeated incidents of cars driving into the streetcar tunnel near York Street have been well documented. The TTC recently installed additional bollards at that intersection and is currently testing lift arms at the entrance of the tunnel.