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High demand, Canada Post strikes affecting cannabis delivery: OCS

Last Updated Oct 24, 2018 at 8:18 pm EDT

The Ontario Cannabis Store is asking customers for a little understanding and a lot of patience when it comes to tardy pot deliveries, saying it has been dealing with “unbelievably high demand” in tandem with job action by Canada Post workers.

The combination has created longer than normal wait times for legal bud.

“Our staff is working around the clock to fulfill customer orders,” the OCS said in a release. “Still, the unbelievably high demand and complications related to rotating strikes at Canada Post will mean longer-than-expected delivery times for some people.

“While a majority of first-day orders will be fulfilled within days, many first-day customers will still see delivery times that are longer. With over 9,000 Canada Post workers off the job in the GTA today, delivery times could be further impacted as the situation at Canada Post unfolds.”

The OCS said it has a contingency plan in place to deal with the labour dispute at Canada Post and “will provide details at such time it would become necessary to put this plan into action.”

The OCS added Ontario received more online orders in the first 24 of legalization than all other provinces combined.

“Despite this, OCS has adequate product supply to fulfill these orders and continues to receive supply on a regular basis,” it said.

Marijuana, which became legal on Oct. 17, can only be bought on the OCS website for now. Sales through private stores overseen by the LCBO are expected to begin in April.

High demand has led to issues across Canada.

Some storefronts in Edmonton have been weedless for days and are struggling to restock. According to CityNews in Winnipeg, most stores are sold out of multiple strains and are now offering only limited products. Their online store sold out just hours into legalization.

Quebec is now alerting customers to a lack of products, including oils, sprays, gels and pre-rolled joints.

The OCS responded to the following questions:

There are multiple reports being posted online of Ontario residents who say they have had their orders through OCS cancelled. Why are some orders being cancelled?

  • A number of people are reporting that their pre-authorized credit card charges have disappeared, assuming that their orders have been cancelled.
  • These orders have not been cancelled — it simply means the order is in progress and the final payment is being processed.
  • There could be a delay before it appears on a customer’s statement as a charge.
  • Customers can expect to receive a shipping confirmation soon.
  • This might be delayed because of Canada Post rotating strikes.


Are any orders actually cancelled?

  • A very small number of orders were cancelled due to security reasons, usually a mismatch between a customer’s billing address and the address registered with their bank.
  • If your order has been cancelled, you will have received a cancellation email.
  • OCS sent these customers an email detailing the issues.