St. Michael’s College School reveals third incident, says it didn’t report alleged sexual assault immediately

By News Staff, The Canadian Press

St. Michael’s College School admitted in a release that it became aware of a video depicting an alleged group sexual assault in a locker room on Monday night, but didn’t notify police until Wednesday.

The school says it did report another incident in a boy’s washroom to police on Monday — the same day it became aware of it.

The school initially said it told police about both incidents on Monday, a statement police disputed.

The prestigious Toronto private school has expelled eight students and suspended another in connection to the alleged attacks. It also said it became aware of a third incident on Thursday, and notified police that same day.

CityNews has viewed the two videos. The one allegedly recorded in the boy’s washroom shows a student in his underwear inside a sink. Other students are pouring water on him and slapping his bare skin.

The second video, which the school says was recorded in a locker room, shows a male student naked from the waist down allegedly being sexually assaulted with a broomstick.

The school has already held one meeting with parents on Friday afternoon, and a second meeting is scheduled for later Friday evening.

Some parents emerging from the first meeting lashed out at the media.

Toronto police also issued a release Friday saying they are investigating “a number of occurrences involving incidents of alleged assaultive and sexual assaultive behaviour,” at St Michael’s College School.

The release also states police believe there may be other alleged victims and investigators are encouraging anyone who has not spoken with police to contact the Child and Youth Advocacy Centre.

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St. Michael’s released the following timeline of events on Friday:


Monday, November 12

  • School Administration receives on Monday morning a video of the first incident (boys’ washroom) that severely violates the Student Code of Conduct
  • School begins an internal investigation by gathering information and by interviewing students involved and their parents
  • School notifies police about the first incident
  • School Administration receives on Monday evening a video of a second incident (locker room) that severely violates the Student Code of Conduct


Tuesday, November 13

  • School continues an internal investigation into both incidents, which includes identifying, notifying, and interviewing all students involved and their parents.
  • School Administration expels four students related to the first incident (boys’ washroom).
  • School Administration informs faculty and staff of both incidents.


Wednesday, November 14

  • School Administration continues investigation of the second incident (locker room) by conducting interviews and notifying families involved that police will be contacted by the school.
  • School Administration expels four students related to the second incident (locker room).
  • School Administration suspends one student related to the first incident.
  • Upon completion of its internal investigation, School Administration provides information related to the second incident to police, and gives the second video (locker room) to police.
  • School Administration updates faculty, staff, and the student body (except Grade 9s) in an assembly, informing students of police directive to delete related videos in their possession.
  • School releases a statement to their community and the media.
  • Toronto Police issues a statement announcing that the second incident involves sexual assault allegations.
  • School Administration continues to reach out to victims to provide support.


Thursday, November 15

  • Police inform the school about a security threat and provide uniformed and plainclothes officers as extra security on campus.
  • Police respond with standard personnel required for a reported school threat.
  • In concert with police, School Administration determines the school is safe for all students.
  • Additional crisis counsellors brought in to provide counselling to students, faculty, and staff.
  • School Administration and faculty initiate homeroom visits to provide support.
  • School Administration continues to reach out to victims to provide support.
  • School Administration updates Grade 9 students in an assembly.
  • School Administration is made aware of a third incident and notifies police.
  • School updates its parent community.
  • School Administration and football coaches meet with parents and members of the Junior Football team.


Friday, November 16

  • Crisis counsellors and security remain on campus.
  • Security presence at the school continues for a second day.
  • School Administration to hold two information meetings for parents at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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