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Cost of a drunk driving conviction is about $23,000: study

Last Updated Nov 30, 2018 at 9:35 am EDT

Drinking and driving comes at a high price and now a new study has determined just how much a conviction will cost you.

The study by Arrive Alive determined the pocket expense drivers face upon a drunk driving conviction to be about $23,000.

Toronto police Sgt. Alex Crews said the numbers check out.

“The $23,000 cost can be broken down in this way — about $18,000 in insurance cost, about $5,000 in fees and in remedial measures,” he explained.

“That certainly is a lot of money.”

Those fees include impound costs, fines, towing fees and getting a breath ignition lock installed in the vehicle.

These numbers come as police step up the R.I.D.E. Check program for the Christmas season, and although the cost may seem high, police say it’s nothing compared to the price of taking a life.

“The message we’re trying to get out there to folks – consider taking an Uber, a cab, Lyft, public transit. If it costs you $50 or $100 (it’s) a heck of a lot cheaper than $23,,000 for an impaired driving conviction.”