Facts and figures about potholes in Toronto

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The roller-coaster temperatures over the past couple of weeks have created ideal conditions for the potholes that have been appearing on roads around Toronto. Here are some facts and figures about how the city handles the problem.

By the numbers

$25: Cost to repair each pothole

$4 million to $5 million: Annual budget for repairing potholes in Toronto

15-20 minutes: The amount of time it takes to repair one pothole

4: Number of days after receiving a report the city aims to have a pothole repaired

25: Number of city crews out repairing potholes on a typical day

About potholes

Potholes are created when water penetrates the top layer of asphalt through cracks in the road. After the moisture freezes and expands, sections of the pavement are forced up. The weight of vehicles going over these sections breaks the pavement, forcing the asphalt out.

Potholes are more frequent in the spring, after the freeze-thaw cycle, but they happen at other times of the year.

The city has crews in each district which respond to potholes reported to 311 and another crew that patrols each district looking for potholes.

Much like plowing and salting, when there is a large number of potholes that need to be repaired, the city triages based on size and prioritizes repairs on expressways and arterial roads first.

Repairing potholes is an affordable way to maintain roads. City crews routinely monitor road conditions and identify areas that need repairs.

Road users and business owners can help by reporting potholes online, by calling or emailing 311 or by using the 311 online app

To repair, crews place asphalt and rake it into the pothole. Then they tamp down the asphalt and smooth it out until the road surface is improved.

Source: City of Toronto

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