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Toronto Zoo announces name for baby zebra

Toronto Zoo's newest baby zebra has been named "Obi" after an online poll. HANDOUT/Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo has announced the name of their newest baby zebra after asking for the public’s help.

The male foal will be named “Obi,” keeping with the zoo’s tradition of naming baby zebras after Star Wars characters. The zoo said over 7,500 people participated in voting for his name.

Eight-year-old Tori, a Grevy’s zebra, has given birth to two other foals at the Toronto Zoo, Leia and Rey.

The Toronto Zoo said Obi’s birth is important for the Grevy’s zebra population as they are currently listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s list of threatening species.

The global population is reportedly only 2,800.

Obi and Tori are set to be visible to the public in the spring.