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Street preacher released on bail, barred from Pride events

Last Updated Jun 24, 2019 at 8:38 am EST

A street preacher who was arrested during an anti-LGBTQ protest in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood on Tuesday has been granted bail but cannot take part in any Pride events.

David Lynn, member of the Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries, was taken into police custody after several dozen people gathered on Church Street to deliver messages against the LGBTQ community. Members of the Torch of Christ movement were also in attendance.

Officers were called to the scene and Lynn was arrested and charged with causing a disturbance.

“The difficulty becomes when that expression on loud speaker and using screaming and insulting language results in people responding in a negative way,” Sgt. Henry Dyck explained.

“Unfortunately at that point, as you can see, the safety of everybody can be put at risk.”

Lynn spoke to the media after appearing in court on Wednesday and being granted bail.

“All I said was ‘God loves you, there’s hope for everybody’ I didn’t do anything illegal, I was within my rights of the law. I didn’t go there to provoke anybody,” he explained.

Lynn has been barred from being anywhere in the area bounded by Bloor Street, Yonge Street, Carlton Street and Jarvis Street. He was also ordered to stay away from locations hosting Pride Month events.

Lynn is scheduled to be back in court on July 10.