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Would you live in the City of the Future?

Last Updated Jul 22, 2019 at 6:38 am EST

Sidewalk proposes Wood frame buildings including a 35 story wood frame building that would be the tallest in the world. Sidewalk Labs unveiled a conceptual scale model of the Quayside development, all the buildings will be tall timber buildings with the tallest at 35 stories. in Toronto. June 24, 2019. GETTY IMAGES/The Toronto Star/Steve Russell

In today’s Big Story podcast, how much of your privacy are you prepared to trade for ease and convenience? And before you answer this, take a look at the fine print of all the apps you’ve downloaded recently.

But what about in the real world? In your physical space? This is the debate around Toronto’s Sidewalk Labs proposal, which would see a new ‘smart’ community built along the Waterfront. There are hundreds of benefits to using data to build a more efficient city. And hundreds of downsides to collecting it from citizens as they go about their daily lives.

So how will this debate unfold? Will part of Toronto become ‘smart’? And why is the corporation that wants the data also proposing allowing other organizations to access it?

GUEST: John Lorinc, senior editor, Spacing Toronto; 2019-20 Atkinson Fellow (focusing on Smart Cities, data and privacy)

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