Markham quadruple murder suspect writes about killing family in chat group

After gruesome details of a quadruple murder were posted on an online gaming chat board, many are questioning the responsibility of these social sites. As Adrian Ghobrial explains, finding this content could actually be up to you.

By Tina Yazdani

The man accused of killing four people inside a Markham home posted messages about the murders with people he met while playing an online game, shortly after the killings took place, according to a CityNews source.

The chilling messages — obtained by CityNews — show a conversation between the 23-year-old murder suspect, Menhaz Zaman, and an another online gamer he had connected with through the adventure fantasy game called ‘Perfect World Void.’

According to the screenshots, the accused writes about killing four family members –- his mother, grandmother, sister and father.

The source tells CityNews Zaman would “troll around about this for years – so no one believed him.”

Zaman would talk about feeling depressed and dropping out of university.

“I started getting depressed, became an atheist, and ultimately created this plan,” he wrote.

“ … I don’t want my parents to feel the shame of having a son like me.”

“I know it sounds confusing but what’s done is done and what had been planned has been concluded,” Zaman also wrote.

He also posted images of the murder scene.

“First mom then granny then sister and lastly dad,” he wrote.

“I was shaking the entire day.”

The conversation ends when Zaman wrote “the police are here, goodbye.”

He now faces four counts of first-degree murder.

An administrator of ‘Perfect World Void’ has released a statement stating they were very shocked by his actions. They say Zaman had been a part of the “Nexus-Void” journey from the beginning and say no one had any idea of his plans.

“Menhaz has been known as the “troll” for long, joking about the little and the extreme but has never shown any sign or intention of committing a homicide,” read the statement.

The administrator with the screen name “Maroon” also said that Zaman had been banned from the platform on July 11 for being “more offensive than usual,” leading to users reporting him.

They say as the alleged crime occurred, Zaman sent photos of the victims on the scene to players privately on a third-party app, discord.

The administrator also claims it was an anonymous player who reported the crime. “We thank the anonymous player who had the cleverness to trace his address, and the braveness to immediately report it to the local cops. Thanks to this act, it is highly possible that some lives have been saved.”

“Maroon” said he was an online friend of Zaman and said he was one of the people the suspect contacted during his alleged crime.


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