Weather week at a glance: mild and rainy

It will continue to be warm this week, with some snow chances on Friday.

By Adam Stiles

It sounds like a I picked the right week to be away last week! Trust me, I had no inside information on that one, I just got lucky.

The nice thing is that I am not going from flip-flops right into snow boots this week, and you probably won’t be either — unless you still have a mountain of snow on the ground from those snow squalls.

With Monday halfway done, the heaviest rain of the week is going to be behind us, but some patchy drizzle may linger into Tuesday.

Here’s what the rest of your week looks like, weather wise.

Monday night to Tuesday

Drizzly with fog patches

After a day of rain and mild temperatures, we are going to see some dense fog patches developing and some on and off drizzle. Temperatures will likely remain just above freezing. Some higher elevations may see some freezing fog and drizzle, but that looks to be fairly isolated. Sport the insulated rain jacket on Tuesday as it will be damp all day.


Wednesday and Thursday

Mild temperatures through midweek

It will dry out and temperatures will bounce back, running about two to four degrees above the seasonal average. We will likely see a mix of sun and cloud for both days, with more sun showing up on Thursday. Grab the shades and ditch the parka for bit.


Friday and Saturday

Snow showers and a “cool” down

Classic March; just when you think the snow may be done, it comes back. This time it will just be snow showers and most of it should melt pretty quickly after the mild start to the week. Most of the snow showers will be on Friday. Saturday looks bright and seasonal with temperatures around 2 C — which is the average for this time of year, but the coolest day we will see this week. No shovels, but maybe the boots are back on Friday. Sunglasses and layers for Saturday.


Sunday and Monday

Late March-like temperatures and a few rain showers

Not quite tropical, but fans of that spring feeling will be feeling it on Sunday. Sunshine and temperatures flirting with 10 C here in the city. The warm air hangs on until Monday, but we are expecting some rain showers later in the day.

Almost time for the flip-flops to make a return!

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