Ontario suspending driver’s licence renewals, eviction orders in response to coronavirus

By News Staff

Premier Doug Ford announced several new measures Thursday to make life easier for Ontarians struggling to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ford said the province is suspending all renewals for driver’s licences, licence plate stickers, and health cards, saying it’s “one less thing (for Ontarians) to worry about.”

“These changes will help relieve the burden already faced by Ontarians and businesses by providing more time to renew their licences and permits without being penalized, while also reducing the need for in-person visits,” Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney said in a release.

Ford also said all eviction orders are also suspended until further notice so Ontarians won’t have to face the stress of moving at such a tumultuous time.

After consulting with the Retail Council of Canada and CEOs in the retail, grocery, hardware and pharmacy industries, the premier also announced changes that will bolster supply chains depleted by hoarding and panic buying.

Ford said municipal noise bylaws that forbid deliveries during certain hours will be temporarily changed “to allow deliveries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

“Be patient and do your part to take pressure off our supply chains,” the premier advised. “Please don’t hoard and don’t panic buy.”

“If we all do our part there should be plenty of supply for everyone.”

“The last country in the world that should worry about toilet paper should be Canada. We have more pulp than pretty well any country. I’m begging the people, please do not hoard the toilet paper.”

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