Extension on renewing Ontario driver’s licence remains in effect

By News Staff

It has been over a year since the province introduced an extension on renewing Ontario driver’s licences, and the extension remains in place.

Documents that have expired on or after March 1, 2020 remain valid and legal past the expiry, until further notice. This includes your licence plate sticker, driver’s licence, Ontario photo card and accessible parking permit.

The Ministry of Transportation says recognizing that Ontario will be facing COVID-19 for some time and in an effort to limit in-person interactions at Service Ontario locations, the province is also temporarily waiving the driver’s licence renewal requirements for seniors aged 80 years and over so they can renew their licences online.

The requirement for people to update their driver’s licence photo is also waived so drivers have the option to renew their licences online.

Despite the extension, the province says it strongly encourages everyone to renew their driver’s licence and licence plate stickers online, where possible.

According to the ministry, if you renew your Ontario driver’s, vehicle and carrier products today, you will be required to pay for this past year.

It says questions about Ontario Health Cards should be directed to the Ministry of Health and further questions about Accessible Parking Permits can be directed to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

If you must visit a Service Ontario location in person, appointments can be booked online in advance for services at certain centres.

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