Vulgar car sales video called ‘dangerous’ and ‘horrifying’

By News Staff

*WARNING: This story contains language that some may find offensive*

A video of a car salesman using explicit, vulgar language in an attempt to sell a vehicle has left some Kingston residents unsettled, sparking a discussion about toxic masculinity in the dealership industry.

In the video sent to CityNews, the employee is seen rolling up in a sports car before identifying himself as Brian of Paulette Auto Sales. “I just got here in this BMW i8 and you want to know why? Cause I ate [expletive] this morning mother****ers” he says after exiting the vehicle.

“I don’t know the price. I don’t know the year. But I can tell you for sure you’ll get some f***ing [expletive],” he says as he gestures to his groin area. The commercial-style sales video ends with the salesman saying, “That’s right. Paulette Auto Sales mother****er. Come down and buy this [expletive] now”.

*WARNING: The following video contains vulgar and explicit language that may be disturbing for some people.

The employee in the video has been identified as sales manager Brian Doyle. He is active in creating sales videos on the company’s Facebook page that is considerably different in tone to the one that is currently making the rounds between Kingston residents. While it was allegedly shared between his friends as a “joke”, others in the Kingston community don’t see it as amusing.

“I was shocked when I saw it,” said a CityNews viewer who was sent the video. “To women, especially in this pandemic, who are struggling with past abuse trauma or depression, this kind of behaviour is dangerous and horrifying”

The viewer, who wishes to remain anonymous, alleges that it was posted on Doyle’s social media before it was taken down after receiving a flood of comments condemning his behaviour.

“You don’t know people’s history and who has struggled with abuse and who could be drastically harmed by a video like this,” said the viewer. “This is where employers need to step up in their policies of abuse and hate speech towards any group of people and have more oversight on who is speaking on behalf of their brand.”

Michael Kehler, Professor of Masculinities Studies at the University of Calgary, agrees that both the language and actions exhibited in the video are unsettling.

“His language alone degrades and sexualizes women.”

Kehler points out that creating and circulating this video is an attempt to normalize violent and abusive language that ultimately degrades women while perpetuating a narrow and damaging form of masculinity. A belief that his conduct and behaviour will be appealing and acceptable by those around him.

“His perception of what is acceptable and what being manly is rooted in alarming ideas about masculinity and the degradation of women while equating sex with owning possessions that you can buy,” says Kehler.

“To dismiss this video as simply a joke is to suggest this behavior, the actions, words of this man are simply the way things are among men.”

In recent years there has been more discussion on what toxic masculinity means and its impact on promoting the objectification of women. Referred to by some as “locker room talk”, it is the assumption that it’s okay to discuss women as sexual objects in the company of other men.

“His vulgar expression of manliness and association with ownership of a car and sexual predatory behaviour warrants an immediate response from the dealership where he is employed,” Kehler adds.

CityNews reached out to Paulette Auto Sales as well as Brian Doyle but did not receive a response to our request for comment.

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