City of Toronto warns of scam text messages targeting speeding motorists

By Lucas Casaletto and Mark Douglas

It appears fraudsters are trying to scam speeding motorists or anyone who might believe they have been caught going over the speed limit in Toronto.

The City of Toronto sent out a heads-up tweet on Wednesday about a fake text message that may have shown up on a cell phone, saying officials are aware of the bogus attempts at fraud.

“Be aware of potential scams. Do not provide personal info or click on suspicious links,” the tweet reads. It also includes a graphic with the scam text message saying: “Your vehicle was caught on radar going 72 in a 50 zone, click this link by such and such a date to pay your fine.”

city of toronto

A photo from the City of Toronto warning residents of a text message scam. Photo: City of Toronto.

Officials are urging people not to click that link. City of Toronto speeding tickets can only be paid through the city’s website — nowhere else online.

A spokesperson at City Hall tells CityNews they never seek payment for speeding tickets or fines through text messages.

They currently offer multiple methods of payment, including online, in person or by mail. Specific payment plans can also be arranged.

This warning from the city comes one day after officials released new statistics about its 50-speed enforcement cameras.

The data exposed 3,776 repeat offenders, including one person ticketed 11 times for driving over the limit on the same street.

Those cameras sent out 34,000 tickets in April — way more than a usual month because some cameras had been moved onto main arterial roads. Plus, the city noted that traffic volume was up, and there was great weather for driving.

Another 20,000 radar enforcement tickets went issued in May.

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