Internet pokes fun at rusty gun taken ‘off the streets’ by Toronto police

Toronto police are doing an admirable job getting guns off the streets and they’ve been sharing the results of their work on Twitter, posting pictures of deadly weapons seized on their @TPSGunsSeized account.

It’s obviously no laughing matter.

But a recent post, showing a heavily-rusted gun that looks like it was procured from an archeological dig, has triggered a slew of punchlines online.

As many pointed out, the six-shooter appears more likely to result in a Tetanus shot, than a gun shot.

It’s not yet clear where the gun came from, but it didn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of Twitter’s arm-chair comedians who identified Moses, Cain, and George Washington as possible suspects.

There’s no word on if the gun was used in the commission of any crimes, but one astute Tweeter wondered if it may have been used to exterminate the dinosaurs.

Here’s some more of the cheeky responses to the weathered gat.

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