Fish and chips shop cooking up deep fried goodness for Bendale-Glen Andrew area

Stella Acquisto catches up with the owner of a fish and chips hot spot to see why it’s a community staple.

By Stella Acquisto

St. Andrew’s Fish and Chips has been cooking up some deep fried goodness for the community since 1984, after being started by two friends and then turning into a family business.

“It was actually my uncle and his friend that set up the place and then a few years later, my uncle bought him out and now my cousin and I run it,” said owner David Donaldson.

The fish shop gets its namesake from one of the most famous golf courses in the world.

“My family immigrated here in the 1980s from Scotland and we actually all grew up across the water from St. Andrew’s Golf Course,” explained Donaldson. From the pictures on the wall to the clubs on the walls, the decor screams golf course.

And every year around this time, the place is bustling, especially on Good Friday. “We’ve had customers here that have been coming here for a long time, like years. They come every Tuesday, sit at the same table, order the same thing,” explained Donaldson.

“Even if they moved out of the area they still come back and it’s kind of funny if they’re not going to be here one day for some reason they’ll actually give us a call and tell us. So, it’s very community feel.”

And the secret to their great fish and success is quite simple.

“The secret is love. Putting love into the food, that’s our secret,” shared Donaldson.

You can visit St. Andrew’s Fish and Chips at 1589 Ellesmere Rd in Scarborough.

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