Jamaican restaurant bringing food and flavour to Rexdale neighbourhood

By Stella Acquisto

Romeo and Karen Burton started their restaurant, Romeo’s Island Grill in September 2019, hoping to bring the flavours of Jamaica to the wider Rexdale community.

“It’s our roots we’re both from Jamaica and it’s what we know,” said Romeo.

Everything is homemade including the marinades and sauces, and three days a week, Thursday to Saturday, Romeo fires up the grill in front of the store, proud to share a piece of his culture.

“If you’re Jamaican and you’re from the island then definitely you know that grilling is a big part of what we do,” explained Karen. “It’s the jerk pork, it’s the jerk chicken, it’s the street vending … these are the things that sell these are the things that people know about so doing the same aspect of it outside, it’s making people feel a part of that culture.”

This is the first and only restaurant for couple. They decided to open the establishment because of their passion for food, culture and Romeo’s culinary background.

“I believe that we’re in the people business  and the food business you cannot separate them they are symbiotic they go together If you remove one or the other you will have nothing,” added Romeo.


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