TTC’s Line 3 shut down after train derailment; multiple passengers injured

Five passengers were injured, and 44 were evacuated after a train on Scarborough's Line 3 derailed. What the TTC's CEO had to say, and what comes next. Nick Westoll has the latest.

By Lucas Casaletto, Michael Ranger

TTC’s Line 3 remains shut down after a train separated and derailed from the tracks on Monday evening, injuring five people and sparking an internal investigation.

It happened in the Kennedy and Ellesmere roads area when a southbound train came off the tracks at Ellesmere station around 7 p.m.

Deputy Fire Chief Jim Jessop told reporters at the scene of the derailment that five people were transported to the hospital for assessment, describing their injuries as minor.

“The train flipped off the tracks, and they were thrown inside when it happened, and our crews were able to assist them getting out and then deliver them to the care of paramedic services,” Jessop said.

A TTC spokesperson said the rear car separated from the rest of the train and derailed. It’s unclear what caused the incident.

There were 44 passengers who needed to be evacuated from the Line 3 train, according to TTC officials.

Crews worked overnight to inspect the track bed and were able to successfully remove the derailed train car from the tracks using a lift. The train car was driven away on the flatbed of a large transport truck.

Line 3 is expected to stay shut down for several days with shuttle buses running between McCowan and Kennedy stations.

“Working with [Toronto police] and first responders to ensure everyone onboard is safe. Full-line service is being replaced with 20 shuttle buses,” the TTC said.

The TTC says customers at some Scarborough GO stations will also have the option to ride GO trains on a TTC fare. These stations include Milliken, Agincourt and Kennedy on the Stouffville line, and Scarborough and Eglinton on the Lakeshore East line.

TTC CEO calls for internal review 

TTC CEO Rick Leary issued a statement on Monday, apologizing to those affected and acknowledging that an immediate review will be launched to determine the cause.

“Earlier this evening, the trailing car of a southbound train at Ellesmere Station on Line 3 Scarborough became uncoupled from the front cars and derailed. While we still don’t know the cause of this incident, we do know there were several injuries onboard the derailed cars,” Leary said.

“I want to apologize to all those impacted by this incident and to assure our customers that safety is always paramount to all we do. I have spoken to my executive team and ordered an immediate review of this incident, using outside help and expertise as necessary.”

Leary said that Line 3 Scarborough will remain on a full bus replacement schedule until such time “as we are confident it is safe to resume train service.”

“I know this will be an inconvenience to our customers, but it’s the right thing to do,” Leary said. “We will share more information on this very serious incident with the public as soon as we know more.”

According to the TTC’s website, Line 3 is a 6.4-km intermediate capacity rapid transit line with six stations that opened in 1985, and its trains have been in service 10 years past their design life.

The line is scheduled for decommissioning in November and will be replaced by buses until the Scarborough Subway Extension is opened by the Province of Ontario in 2030.

With files from The Canadian Press

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