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Wanted Criminals To Show Up On Subway Monitors

If you take the subway, you know what it’s like to stand around in a station waiting for a train. But if you’re lucky enough to be in one of the increasing number of stops equipped with a monitor showing headlines from Citytv and CP24, you’re about to get even more viewing options. And they could help you catch a wanted criminal.

“Underground Alert” will be putting up pictures and details of wanted suspects on the screens in stations across the city, hoping someone will spot a suspicious character depicted above their heads and call police about them. Crime Stoppers, the well established program behind the idea, vows to keep the information just like the news – up-to-date and late breaking. They claim they’ll be able to post pictures of a wanted person as soon as they’re released by police, and all it takes is the right pair of eyes to see the person depicted and call in with either a name, a location – or both.

“Think about it, about a million people travel underground on the subway weekly,” explains chair Lorne Simon. “Here is an opportunity for us to get information immediately if somebody is wanted by investigators on a homicide, a bank robbery, a sexual assault, putting a picture up there, a description and getting it out to a whole other community that maybe don’t have access to television right away.”

The TTC already “airs” Amber Alerts on the system to help find missing or abducted children. This latest plan is just part of a logical crime fighting extension that aims to put you to work while you’re on your way to work.