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Some Vow To Vote Against Miller In Next Election Over New Taxes

Mayor David Miller may want to reconsider a series of tax hikes which are proposed for the city after a survey was released on Thursday. Anyone owning a home or car in Toronto will be in for an extra set of expenses if the proposal goes through.

A recent survey of 500 Torontonians shows 40 per cent of Miller’s own supporters say they wouldn’t vote for him again, citing two of the proposed taxes. A land transfer tax would cost anyone selling their home thousands of additional dollars and an extra 60 bucks every time they register their vehicle. There are also extra costs tacked on to garbage and other services under the new City of Toronto Act . This isn’t what was promised when Miller ran for office, says one of his former supporters, Indra Lochen.

“I think it’s ridiculous,”she insists. “When we voted it was not on the agenda. I voted for him twice. Now? Nope, no, he’s out next election. He’s gone.”

Judith Andrew of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business worries Torontonians had no idea these hikes were coming. “T here was very little or no discussion about the possibility taxes in the last municipal election, so they’re feeling duped,” she warns.

Miller is away on business at the moment but his office responded with the following statement: “Money raised from the new taxes will be used to preserve core services. There is no magic pot of money.”

Many citizens will be on hand at City Hall on Monday when council meets to vote on the proposed tax increase.