Hunt On For Grinch Writing Obscene ‘Santa’ Letters Through Canada Post

So much for peace on Earth and goodwill to men – or in this case, kids. Officials at Canada Post have launched an all hunt for the volunteer posing as Santa Claus, who’s been writing nasty and obscene letters to youngsters posing as the jolly old elf.

Every Christmas, the post office begins a special service that guarantees all kids who write to the North Pole’s most famous citizen will receive a personalized reply. But in at least 10 cases, children have been stunned by what St. Nick had to tell them. They reportedly received responses to their missives that contained demeaning or insulting notes, including one that informs the tykes that “Santa is really bad.” Another states “he hates kids.” And those are some of the milder and printable replies.

Now the hunt is on for whoever wrote the letters in such poison ink. Canada Post employs some 11,000 workers and volunteers to staff the program and they don’t have to be at a postal outlet when the answers are written. Some 250 alone are located in the nation’s capital. But officials admit there are distinguishing characteristics and handwriting that may help them find the Grinch and they say they’re hot on the author’s trail.

So far, all 10 of the known lascivious letters and nasty notes have been found solely in the Ottawa area and the post office has shut down the program in the local region for several days until the matter is resolved. In the 26 years of its existence, those in charge confirm this is the first incident of its kind. And they intend to ensure it’s the last.

Rosyln Da Costa’s child got one of the awful answers. “I was completely in shock,” she admits. “At the bottom it said: ‘Santa is really bad. He hates kids. He even hates David Beckham. He (expletive) like your mom, and it says F.U. Your dad’s gay. Thank you.'”

“This is a very serious matter for Canada Post and one we are taking very, very seriously,” avers president and CEO Moya Greene. “We are shocked and heart-broken that this much-loved quarter-of-a-century old program has experienced an incident of this kind. We are working with the Ottawa Police Service to identify the individual responsible.”

Beyond breaking the spirit of the season, the person behind the letters could face serious charges of tampering with the mail if they’re caught. But for now, officials are just trying to repair the damage that’s been done. “We deeply apologize to any families affected by this – and we also regret the efforts of our thousands of dedicated volunteers are tarnished by this regrettable incident,” Greene concludes.

She’s asking anyone who might receive one of the malevolent missives to keep the letter and the envelope and call (613) 734-4258 or (613) 734-8119.

In the meantime, the program remains ongoing elsewhere. And kids should be able to safely write to the real thing at:

Santa Claus
North Pole

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