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H1N1 Shots Caused Allergic Reactions In 24 Cases

The Public Health Agency of Canada says there have been 24 cases of confirmed anaphylaxis in people who got an H1N1 flu shot in Canada.

Agency head Dr. David Butler-Jones says that works out to a rate of 0.32 cases for every 100,000 doses of vaccine administered so far in Canada.

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can cause a person’s airways to close up and must be treated quickly with adrenaline, which is available at flu clinics.

Butler-Jones says one of the confirmed cases involved a person who died after receiving the vaccine.

But he says that person, who has been described in news reports as a Quebec man in his 80s, had other health problems as well and it’s not yet clear what caused his death.

Experts says all vaccines can induce anaphylaxis but typically do so at very low rates.