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10 Ont. Schools Allegedly Broke Rules On EQAO Testing

An investigation has been launched into 10 schools across Ontario. Some have been accused of breaking the rules on provincial tests in reading, writing and math, according to a report in the Globe and Mail.

The chief assessment officer at the Education Quality and Accountability Office, Marie Parsons, told the paper some schools broke the rules by mistake, while others cheated.

Parsons said some teachers broke the rules in different ways, including letting students know some of the questions beforehand; photocopying the test from the previous year; giving the students back answers to correct or allowing students to use resource materials, such as dictionaries.

Parents and school officials alerted the EQAO to the problems.

The Ontario College of Teachers is launching its own probe into the matter.

Test scores from the 10 schools being investigated were withheld after nine were investigated.