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Man Claims Missing Pythons

Jacob Lance and his two snakes.

It’s a highly unusual lost and found and it involves the kind of creepy-crawler often kept behind glass.

It all began when a Toronto couple found two snakes – pythons, actually – in their laundry room.

Chris Forde and Janet Wilkinson each found one of the Royal pythons inside their Danforth and Coxwell area home within a month. They turned the snakes over to a pet store for safe-keeping.

Now, the owner has come forward.

“Thank you. Sorry! Thank you very much!” Jacob Lance said, hugging the couple.

He used to live next door to Forde and Wilkinson but moved out months ago. The snakes disappeared during the move and he thought his beloved pets were gone for good.

“I think it’s amazing. They’re both safe in my hands now,” Lance added.