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Ford endorses UFC-backed program for Toronto schools: report

Toronto councillor Doug Ford is endorsing a community service program backed by the mixed martial arts league, Ultimate Fighting Championship for the city’s schools.

A report published in the Toronto Star states that one of Ford’s assistants asked a Toronto District School Board trustee to pass along a brochure on the “UFC Community Works” initiative.

The brochure states the program encourages “the development of discipline, respect, teamwork, honesty, time management and physical fitness” through mixed martial arts and meetings with UFC fighters.

One Toronto District School Board trustee said the program simply doesn’t fit in with the board’s principles.

“A key value that the TDSB upholds is that learning environments be safe, nurturing, positive, and respectful,” TDSB trustee Pamela Gough told CityNews.ca.

“My take on this particular request from the councillor is that it would not pass the scrutiny of these filters and the Board’s policies. However, he is welcome to make the request.”

Ford’s suggestion comes the same week that the McGuinty government proposed a tough new anti-bullying law that would, if passed, allow Ontario schools to permanently expel students for discriminating and taunting others.

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