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Leafs GM Brian Burke urged by former enforcer not to promote fur jackets

As one of the NHL’s toughest former enforcers, ex-Hab Georges Laraque is a big fan of Brian Burke’s hard-nosed approach to hockey.

But as a spokesperson for animal rights activist group PETA, Laraque has penned the Leafs GM a letter urging him to reconsider the Leafs’ decision to promote a limited edition Canada Goose jacket trimmed with real coyote fur.

“Hockey players get paid to put up with pain, but animals tortured and slaughtered for their skins are not willing participants,” Laraque wrote. “I urge you to take a look at this fur exposé and make the compassionate decision never to promote the cruel fur trade again.”

Laraque’s letter included a link to PETA’s website.

Burke told The Toronto Star that while he respects Laraque, he doesn’t agree with him on the topic, and wasn’t impressed that the letter made its way into the hands of media.

You can read the full letter here. (pdf file)