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Feud between Malvern & Galloway decades old

The feud between the Malvern Crew and the Galloway Boys, the gang police link to this summer’s Danzig shooting, goes as far back as a decade, a former platoon commander with Toronto’s 42 Division says.

Ron Wretham, who is now a private investigator, told CityNews, the tension between the two Scarborough gangs was common in 2002 and 2004.

“We would come in and start our shift and by 4 in the afternoon there would be a shooting in the middle of the street up in Malvern or down in Galloway.”

In 2004, Tyshaun Riley, who was the Galloway Boys’ leader, was arrested along with 17 others in a police sweep.

Riley was eventually convicted of murder in four cases.

Wretham said that in these types of gang wars, it is common that younger members are educated by the older members.

“It’s no different than what we’ve seen in some of the mafia movies, for example. It’s a gang mentality and they will mentor younger members that want to come in to that lifestyle,” he explained.

On Tuesday, police accused members of the Galloway Boys of gunning down 24-year-old D’Mitre Barnaby in a parking lot on Lawrence Avenue East, near Orton Park Road, on Dec. 30, 2011.

Police described the two members involved in the shooting as “new generation” vying for leadership roles in the gang. They ambushed and shot Barnaby, mistakenly thinking he was a member of a rival group called the Orton Park Boys.

Despite police calls for witnesses, several residents of the Danzig area say they are still reluctant to come forward with information about the shooting or the Galloway Boys.

“Unfortunately at the moment I wouldn’t,” one man told CityNews.

“Who’s behind us at the end of the day?  Police say they’re going to put is in protective care but, at the same time, for how long?” said one woman who lives on Danzig Street.