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Whitby police standoff linked to Oshawa solicitor’s kidnapping

A standoff between police and a former Oshawa city councillor continues after over 22 hours.

Police have surrounded an industrial building in Whitby connected to the alleged kidnapping of Oshawa city solicitor David Potts. Sources told CityNews former Oshawa city councillor Robert Lutczyk is the subject of the police standoff.

Potts was abducted from his home Monday night following a council meeting.

“When he got home there was an issue,” Oshawa’s Mayor John Henry told 680News. “His wife was worried enough to call the police and the police called me. Police found that Mr. Potts had been taken against his will.”

Potts was reportedly driven around for a few hours before he managed to escape. He is now safe at home.

Hours after the apparent abduction, police cordoned off part of an industrial area in the Hopkins and Dundas streets area of Whitby.

Police have been at the scene since about 1:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Authorities are providing few details about the case. They’ve closed Hopkins Street between Highway 2 and Consumers Drive for the investigation.

Homes in the area have been evacuated for most of the day and there’s been an overwhelming police presence, including units from both the Durham and York Regional forces.

Police continue to negotiate with Lutczyk, who has apparently barricaded himself inside an auto shop.

There has been no official word on who is responsible for the abduction of Potts.