Mayor Ford’s approval rating up from May

TORONTO – A new poll has found support for Mayor Rob Ford is on the rise, despite the allegations of drug use that surfaced more than a month ago.

According to a Forum Research poll conducted for the Toronto Sun, Ford’s approval rating is at 47 per cent — up from 42 per cent in May.

The president of Forum Research said the approval rating isn’t surprising now that the alleged drug video allegations have died down and Ford is focusing on issues at city hall.

“All during this period of time, the ‘Ford nation’ has stuck with him, and they seem to still be sticking with him. Actually, his last week or so hasn’t been so bad compared to the previous weeks — I think that’s what accounts for the uptick,” Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff told 680News political affairs specialist John Stall.

“He’s been able to start to concentrate on running the city […] he starting to focus again on the city and his job as mayor rather than on his personal issues,” he added.

Listen to the full interview with Bozinoff  below:

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