Premier’s support declining, Liberals viewed as committing criminal act: Polls

TORONTO, Ont. – Results from two recent polls show the Ontario Liberals are quickly losing support.

A poll by Forum Research for the Toronto Sun suggests more than half of Ontarians believe the Liberals committed a criminal act by deleting emails at Queen’s Park.

Almost half of those polled believe Kathleen Wynne must assume responsibility for what happened when Dalton McGuinty was Premier, while half of respondents think the cancelled gas plant matter should be examined by a public inquiry instead of only a committee at Queen’s Park.

Meantime, a second Forum Research poll for the Toronto Star shows Wynne’s honeymoon with Ontario voters is coming to an end, with the Progressive Conservatives edging into the lead with 35 per cent support.

The Liberals have slipped to 33 per cent support, with the New Democrats slipping to 24 per cent.

The survey suggests much of the blame can be laid on McGuinty, with 32 per cent of respondents believing he would be remembered as one of Ontario’s worst Premiers.

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