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Hundreds join ride to support autistic Newcastle boy

Max Begley, 13, has autism. His grandmother received an anonymous letter calling him a "nuisance," among other things. CITYNEWS.

Hundreds gathered for a motorcycle ride on Friday to support Max Begley, an autistic Newcastle boy whose grandmother received a disgusting letter last week.

The letter, signed by someone claiming to be a mother in the area, told Brenda Millson to move or have Begley, 13, euthanized. The letter also suggested his organs should be donated to “unretarded” children.

Max was the guest of honour for the ride, which started at a Newcastle Tim Hortons and wound up at his grandmother’s house early Friday evening.

The story has touched a chord with parents across the world, with hundreds of thousands of people viewing the original story and writing in to CityNews to show their support to the family.

Max and his family have also found support online. Colleen Plunkett, a New York woman, has created a Facebook group for Millson and the boy’s mother, Karla.

The group “We Support the Grandma who got mean letter from “neighbor“” had more than 3,000 members Friday.

A fundraiser called Max’s Play Day will be held at his grandmother’s house on Shipway Avenue from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday.