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Canada’s Wonderland’s new roller coaster a ‘4D dark ride’

Canada’s Wonderland’s new roller coaster will take riders on a high-tech tour through the theme park’s trademark mountain starting next year.

Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, which launches next May, will use graphics and simulated wind and movement to create what the park is calling a “4D interactive dark ride.”

“It will bring the best elements of the physical, virtual and multi-sensory world,” said Ernest Yale, CEO of roller coaster developer Triotech.

The ride starts with a climb up Wonder Mountain then plummets through five different “layers” into the core.

The 333-metre journey features mythical creatures, a desolate forest and an underground lake and reaches its climax with a heart-stopping finale in a dragon’s lair.

Wonderland’s last new roller coaster, Leviathan, which launched in 2012, is one of the tallest and fastest in the world.