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Dad won’t take kids to Santa Claus parade after Ford confirms attendance

Rob Ford throws out candy during the 2010 Toronto Santa Claus Parade. FLICKR/Jason Verwey.

At least one parent says he won’t be taking his two children to this year’s Santa Claus parade, after Mayor Rob Ford said he’ll be walking the route again.

Brian Connolly said he was “disgusted” by Ford’s behaviour, writing that it’s not only the mayor’s admitted crack cocaine use – it’s his lying.

That Ford is “refusing to cooperate with police is setting a very poor example” for children, Connolly wrote in a letter that was posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

Connolly added that he was disappointed he and his children would miss the parade but the lesson was more important.

“I must make a choice to protect and teach my children that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s actions are not condoned by myself, my wife or my family.”

He was not alone.

After much back-and-forth on Monday, Ford’s office confirmed to CityNews that the mayor would be walking in the parade.

That revelation sparked a flood of response online:




Ron Barbaro, parade co-chair, told 680News he was initially informed by the mayor’s staff last week that Ford would not be taking part in the event this year.

On Monday, Ford gave the key address at a Remembrance Day ceremony at Old City Hall. It was the first time Ford spoke publicly since admitting he had smoked crack cocaine.

Ford’s office then called Barbaro again, saying the mayor would be in attendance.

However, officials from the Mayor’s office told CityNews he would be participating in the parade, but they were still working out the details and could not confirm what role he would play.

“He just called me and said he’s changed his mind and he would like to walk in the parade. He was buoyant by the reception he had today. I’ll talk to the committee and tell them his response and that’ll be it,” Barbaro explained Monday.

“If he wants to go and feels comfortable doing it — he’s the mayor and you got to remember it’s the metro Toronto city parade.”

What do you think? Should Ford attend the parade? Or should the deputy mayor go in his place? Have your say in the comments.

Read parent Brian Connolly’s letter below: