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Dixon community fearful of raid when news of Ford video came out: document

The Dixon Road community was fearful of police bearing down on their neighbourhood when news of the so-called Rob Ford crack video came out, a police document shows.

More details of an information to obtain (ITO) police document were released on Thursday, allowing for never-before-seen details of the investigation to be revealed. The document includes information that police allege they heard on wiretaps.

The ITO shows that the alleged gang members of the Dixon community were worried that the police, along with Ford’s people, would raid the neighbourhood looking for the video.

According to the document, Sandro Lisi, a friend and former driver for Ford, made threats, saying that he and the police would run through the neighbourhood. Lisi allegedly put extreme pressure on others to attempt to get the video returned.

“You’re f—ing dead, you’re f—ing dead and everybody on your block is dead,” Lisi allegedly said to Juiceman, one of the men who allegedly stole Ford’s phone.

“If that video gets released I’m gonna, I’m gonna run through all your houses, me and all the, all the Toronto police.”

“The whole place is going to get heated up all summer until that f—ing phone gets back, the whole place is going to get lit right up,” Lisi allegedly said.

An identified man added that the neighbourhood was going to get raided because Ford was “going mad.”

Elena Basso, in whose suspected crack house the video was likely filmed, complained that the mayor’s “people” and police were already coming by every day.

Police say Basso complains that the person who filmed the video “brought down heat” on the whole area and that it would ruin the drug business.

Basso also spoke about Ford, saying, “I told you guys from the beginning; he’s a big f—ing idiot.”

One man told Mohamed Siad, the man who tried to sell the video to the Toronto Star and Gawker, that Ford knows “a few dirty cops.”

The ongoing Project Brazen 2 investigation arose last spring out of a year-long guns, gangs and drugs probe in northern Etobicoke called Project Traveller.

It was during the initial probe that police uncovered a video showing Ford apparently smoking crack cocaine, and decided to investigate his activities.

Lisi is facing extortion charges and they appear to be in relation to trying to obtain a video.

The document was ordered released to the public by an Ontario Superior Court judge and the allegations have not been proven in court.

Project Brazen warrant materials: January 14, 2014

Project Brazen warrant materials Jan.14.2014

Project Brazen warrant materials: March 7, 2014

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