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Victim identified in fatal downtown shooting

Toronto police investigate a shooting at Carlton and Parliament on April 4, 2014. CITYNEWS.

Toronto police have identified the man who was fatally shot in the city’s downtown early on Friday morning.

Shmar Parris, 25, was found inside a bullet-riddled Chevrolet Malibu near Carlton and Parliament streets around 2:30 a.m.

A woman, who was a passenger in the Malibu, was injured by gunfire not long before, closer to Mutual and Gould streets, about a kilometre from Carlton and Parliament. She was able to make her own way to hospital, where she remains.

There were also shots fired at Carlton and Parliament, Det-Sgt. Steve Ryan said.

Toronto police are looking for a light-coloured SUV that was seen heading south on Parliament and later westbound on the Gardiner Expressway.  Police said the suspect was driving “erratically.”

The car “brushed up against the Gardiner [median] itself. We hope to get some paint transfer and hopefully match it up,” Ryan said.

“The car would be damaged on the right side.”

It is believed that an altercation involving people in the Malibu and the SUV began on Mutual Street, and ended at the collision scene.

Parliament was closed from Carlton to Gerrard Street for the investigation.


Bullet holes can be seen in the front passenger window and the back passenger window is broken after a downtown shooting on April 4, 2014. CITYNEWS.