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Jimmy Kimmel appears on 'Ford Nation'

Jimmy Kimmel appeared on an episode of 'Ford Nation' on April 14, 2014. YOUTUBE.

Mayor Rob Ford and Coun. Doug Ford welcomed late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to their YouTube program on Monday.

“We have a special guest today joining us,” Rob Ford said. Ford was a guest himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on March 3.

Kimmel, who appeared via Google Hangouts, was wearing the exact same outfit Ford wore during his appearance: a black shirt and a bright red tie. He also had two Rob Ford bobblehead figures.

“They’re selling them for like $900 on eBay,” Kimmel said, to chuckles from Rob and Doug.

Kimmel has relentlessly mocked Rob on his program, for everything from his drunken rants to his weight to his behaviour in council — including his errors in voting.

“You know the future of Jimmy Kimmel Live! relies on Rob Ford getting re-elected. My question is, when are you going to get your backside up to save your job and start door-knocking?” Doug asked.

“I want to throw a fun-raiser, where we just have fun in classic Rob Ford style,” Kimmel responded.

Doug also asked about early episodes of the show, where one member of Kimmel’s audience became so drunk he had to be carried out on live television.

“I’m just saying, I was so drunk I don’t know what happened that night,” Kimmel said.

“I’ve used that excuse one too many times myself,” Rob said.

The brothers asked if Kimmel would be attending the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Kimmel said he wasn’t sure, as he was expecting a baby.

Rob then invited him to come up in November, so that Kimmel and Doug could have a joint birthday celebration.

Watch the video below: