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Hudak booted off TTC while announcing transit plan

Doug Holyday (centre) celebrates his win in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore byelection with Ontario PC Party leader Tim Hudak in Toronto on Aug. 1, 2013. CITYNEWS

The TTC was not the better way for a campaigning Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak.

His campaign team attempted to hold a press conference on a subway train Sunday to announce new transit plans.

But they, and the gathered media, were asked to leave the subway by TTC security because the transit service bans campaigning in areas accessed by paying a fare.

“Candidates can hold events outside stations or canvass outside the fare-paid area, but doing so on platforms or vehicles is not permitted,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told CityNews in an email.

Hudak’s campaign team apologized to reporters for not acquiring the proper permits, but according to Ross there are no permits that would allow campaigning in the paid areas.

The Ontario PC party said in a tweet that the problem arose because of politically-motivated public sector employees.


Hudak announced plans to cut 100,000 public sector jobs earlier this week.

Social media reaction was swift.




After the media brouhaha, Hudak set up on a bridge near Davisville station to announce his plan.

“Whether you are stuck in traffic, or on an overcrowded train, people across the GTA know that the status quo isn’t working,” Hudak said.

“The PCs have a sensible transportation plan that fits together and builds on our strengths: subways, highways and GO.”

Hudak’s plan calls for the province to take over all rail-based transit and major highways in the GTA, build a downtown relief line, and expand GO Transit and highways.

He vows to do this without raising taxes and promises the plan will create 96,000 jobs.

Video courtesy of Sun News Network