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BACKGROUNDER: Licensed medical marijuana producers in Canada

Health Canada has received 920 applications since June 14, 2013, from companies that want to be licensed producers of medical marijuana under its new regulations.

The federal department has approved only 20 licensed producers of medical marijuana, including 13 that currently sell to the public. See the below map for their locations.

The agency is getting about 18-25 applications a week, spokesman Sean Upton said.

Here’s a chart breakdown of applications by province based on the most recent available data from Health Canada.

According to the Canada Gazette, Health Canada projected the number of potential medical marijuana users to be 57,799 in 2014 to about 433 688 in 2024.

To date, there are 37,800 registered medical marijuana users. That compares with 88 people authorized to possess medical marijuana in 2001, the first year that Health Canada offered a medical marijuana program.

Under the new medical marijuana rules, patients must be prescribed cannabis from a medical doctor or nurse and buy their pot from any of the licensed producers. In Toronto, Dr. Danial Schecter recently opened Cannabinoid Medical Clinic to prescribe cannabis.

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