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Stintz meets with Ford, says issue of lewd comments is closed

Mayoral candidate Karen Stintz says she met privately with Mayor Rob Ford on Thursday morning and settled any ill-feelings related to lewd comments that Ford made about her.

“We had a private meeting, and we came to a resolution and we both agreed that the matter is closed,” Stintz said.

When pressed for more details she repeated, “The matter is closed.”

Shortly before Ford entered rehab in May, an audio recording was published by the Toronto Sun that captured an intoxicated mayor saying he would like to “f*****g jam” Stintz, among other damning comments.

Stintz responded at the time by calling the comments “deeply offensive to everyone living in Toronto.”

“That a sitting mayor would make such shocking and bigoted remarks is disgusting,” she said.

The audio was reportedly recorded in a bar called Sullie Gorman’s in Etobicoke.

When he returned to city hall from rehab on June 30, Ford held an invite-only press conference where he singled out Stintz while apologizing for his many indiscretions.

“When I look back at some of the things I have said and some of the things I did when I was using, I am ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated,” he said.

In a story she wrote for The Toronto Star on July 6, Stintz said she wasn’t satisfied with a public apology.

“If he wants to apologize he should call me. He has my number,” she said.