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4 people struck by lightning in Scarborough park

Four people, including two children, were rushed to hospital on Monday after being struck by lighting in a Scarborough park.

Emergency crews were called to the scene in the Morningside Avenue and Kingston Road area just before 3:30 p.m. Monday.

According to witnesses the victims were a family who had been sitting under a tree when it began to rain lightly.

Conrad Muir was only a few feet away from when he said he heard a loud boom and that’s when the lightning struck.

“I saw this red flash and suddenly there were about four people on the ground flailing,” Muir explained. “Three of them were trying to stand up and they couldn’t.”

Others in the area are touting the work of police and park officials, who ran through the storm to the aid of the family, as heroic.

“The police officer was really a hero. He was on top of everything,” Jeff Graham, who witnesses the event said. “He was sitting there with them trying to assist them one by one. He’s a hero.”

Paramedics say three of the victims were taken to hospital in serious condition. The fourth victim suffered minor injuries.

An ambulance was also struck by lightning on scene, cutting the power and immobilizing the vehicle. No one inside the vehicle was hurt.